All our designs originate from the deepest feeling that comes from the fresh-thinking mind of a designer. Our designers don’t seek to create the design, but the design seamlessly and unhurriedly reaches their minds. The designs emerge as the very best ideas do, resulting in the entire range of furniture, accessories and lighting. We believe in emerging design and we believe in evolution.

Nyova is a designer furniture brand that seeks to give back to the world. We strive to make the materials and the production process of our designer furniture as sustainable as we can. Our suppliers are Spanish, so we cut down on transport distances and release less emissions into the atmosphere. We value the work of artisans and try to support the industry so that it doesn’t disappear from our country.

Materials are always hand-picked to ensure they don’t harm the environment or cause pollution. That’s why our main material is wood. A material that doesn’t call for transformation processes and comes straight from nature. What’s more, thanks to the absorption of carbon dioxide during the lifespan of trees, this gas is trapped in the wood.

The fusion of cutting-edge design and traditional materials gives rise to imperishable pieces.